Sea Turtle in Guatemala

The largest flow of sea turtles is concentrated on the beaches of the Guatemalan Pacific. According to some records, 6 of the 8 species of turtles predominate in Guatemala. Among them are the Parlama, Baule, Carey, Cabezona, Verde, Verde or Negra del Pacífico. These marine animals use our seas and coasts as migration areas, areas to feed, rest and nest. Likewise, its relationship with the country's ecosystems shows the good health of the oceans. Likewise, in recent years, sea turtles have been part of the economic support for the subsistence of local communities in coastal marine areas and tourism. On the Pacific coast, the turtle species parlama is the most predominant. Baby turtles can be released in the afternoons from September to December for a small contribution in all the hatcheries on the island. If you are lucky, you will be able to observe the spawning, the turtles go to the beaches where they dig a nest in which they lay their eggs (from September to the end of November). Nesting usually takes place at night to avoid excessive heat.